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What is the certification service? Our specialists verify the compliance of your product with the requirements of an applicable standard. This process includes the assessment of one or more samples by means of controlled tests, and it ends with the issuance of our certificate of compliance. The certificate is nationally and internationally valid, allowing you to access new markets through our membership in IECEE, IQNet and multiple bilateral agreements.


According to the choice of each manufacturer, the certificate may have different scopes, including a limited quantity of product (Batch), a representative sample (Type) or the entire production (Conformity Mark).


In the latter case, in addition to the above, we will conduct a control of the factory, its organization and quality management, initially and periodically. If all of these instances are satisfactorily completed, you will be able to apply our prestigious Conformity Mark on your products, thus proving their quality and also differentiating yourself from the competition.

Want to find out more about the process and the different types of certification? Watch this video to learn more:

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The management systems (MS) are based on the application of improvement cycles (Plan, Do, Verify and Act) (PDVA), where each stage feeds into the next, favoring actions for continuous improvement.


Having a MS implemented allows organizations to obtain multiple benefits:


  • Access new markets
  • Achieve competitive advantages, optimizing costs
  • Increase customer and consumer confidence and satisfaction
  • Improve the image of the products or services offered
  • Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of processes
  • Achieve IQNet International Certification


If you are starting to implement an MS or you are in an intermediate stage, watch this video where you will learn how to keep moving forward and how we can help you in that process.

How to implement a management system?

If you have already implemented your system and have evidence of its operation, you are ready to take the next big step: certify its conformity to demonstrate your commitment to quality.


What is our certification service which leads the Argentine market and is internationally recognized?


  • Our specialists verify through a series of audits if your MS correctly and effectively complies with the reference standards requirements, guiding you through the process.
  • As a result, we deliver an audit report that will allow you to add improvement opportunities and emphasize your strengths.
  • Finally, if we find that all the standard requirements are met, we will then issue you our certification.


By obtaining our certification, which is valid for 3 years, we will include your organization in the register of certified organizations and you will be licensed to use our prestigious mark. You may then apply for re-certification to give continuity to your system and further improve it.

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This certification consists of the formal recognition by an independent third party such as IRAM, that a candidate meets a set of requirements that qualify him/her to perform a certain professional activity.


For more than 15 years, we have been recognized as the first Certification Body of Persons accredited in our country for the schemes of Welding Inspectors (IRAM-IAS U 500:169) and Non-Destructive Testing Operators (IRAM-NM-ISO 9712). Since then, we have incorporated others such as medium and high voltage operators, lifting equipment and ergonomists.


In all cases, the main objective is to provide reliability in the competence of certified persons, providing a differential element in the labor market.



Our certification offers the support of outstanding specialists in each area and allows for multiple benefits for both certified individuals and companies hiring the service.

Distinctive value for individuals:


  • Ensure technical skills
  • Enhance professional development
  • Improve employability


Competitive advantages for companies:

  • Access more challenging markets
  • Guarantee staff skills and experience
  • Encourage employees
  • Increase productivity levels

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Wish to learn more about these certifications? This video tells you about the steps to achieve them.

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Technical standards are mandatory documents that must be complied with by certain products in order to be marketed in Argentina.


Several recognitions granted by the respective application authorities allow us to offer you certification services so that you can comply with their requirements. You will thus obtain the necessary support both to be able to bring your products into the country and to market them.


As for the type of certification required in each case, this will depend on what is specified in the regulations. The certification schemes accepted by the Argentine authorities are those of Batch, Type and Conformity Mark:


  • Batch: it is applied to a limited quantity of product (a representative sample is tested).
  • Type: it consists of a single sample, provided from the design and production carried out, and demonstrative of it.
  • Mark: it is the verification of the product and the means of production, as well as the stability of the quality produced. If you are granted our prestigious Mark of Conformity, you will be able to apply it on your production, thus demonstrating the quality of the product and differentiating yourself from the competition.

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We are convinced that promoting listening skills and interpreting needs is a priority. Complaints are an opportunity to improve our services, since they encourage us to be more efficient every day. Thereby, we achieve a continuous optimization with the aim of providing a better service to all our customers.

If you have any problem to report regarding certification activities performed, please let us know about it here.


In case you want to submit an Appeal related to requested certifications where you disagree with a decision made, here is how to do it:


  1. Send us a formal note with the description and reason for the appeal to;
  2. It must be done within thirty (30) calendar days of notification of the decision;
  3. We will give you an answer in the form of a written statement supporting the decision.

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