Who we are

We are the Argentine Standardization and Certification Institute (IRAM), a non-profit private civil association with more than 85 years of professional experience and the only representative of ISO for Argentina.

We were founded in 1935 by the hand of visionary organizations that saw the importance of founding a new technical, independent and representative organization, a pioneer in the region, which could create rules that regulate and collaborate with the diverse activities of society 


Since then, we work on the development of technical standards, offer services to certify the compliance of such standards, provide training and are strategic partners of the organizations. Likewise, we provide access to valuable documents such as national, regional and international standards, through our documentation center which holds the largest bibliographic source in Latin America. 


As a service provider organization, we concentrate our efforts on facilitating, improving and making people’s lives safer, adding value to organizations of all types and sizes in terms of competitiveness, sustainability and market access. To that endwe articulate the interests of all the society’s different players (consumer, business and state), designing and providing innovative services to bring solutions to their needs. 


Our Values 

  • Integrity 
  • Excellence 
  • Commitment 
  • Independence 


We are committed to quality and to the environment, and we participate in the Global Compact. 

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We created our Integrity Program in accordance with the requirements of Argentine Law No. 27,401 on Corporate Criminal Liability and its Regulatory Decree No. 277/18, and pursuant to all other relevant rules within the anti-corruption legal framework or associated with corporate liability. 


Backed by our 85 years of experience, this program consists of different documents that are in line with our values, that is, with the governing principles that guide all our actions and behavior: Integrity, Excellence, Commitment and Independence. 


Thus, among other contents, there is the Code of Conduct whose purpose is to present to our personnel the above mentioned values, as well as the responsibilities and ethical commitments that should guide their actions when performing their duties. Especially, in their relationship with customers, suppliers, government entities and before the society in general, the environment and with themselves. Very importantly, these documents have been approved by our Governing Board 


We invite you to download our code of conduct and our policies



Reporting Channels: 

  • Web Form: Click here
  • Telephone: +54 11 7078-0542
  • E-mail:
  • In person or by postal mail: Perú N° 552  Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires 


ISO, International Organization for Standardization

IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission (*)

AMN, Asociación MERCOSUR de Normalización

COPANT, Comisión Panamericana de Normas Técnicas

IQNet, International Certification Network

GLOBALG.A.P, Global Good Agricultural Practice

IECEE , IEC System of Conformity Assessment for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components

(*) Through the Argentine Electrotechnical Committee (CEA)

The National Council for Quality is the highest coordinating body for quality, standardization and conformity assessment policies. It is chaired by the Ministry of Productive Development and is made up of the highest authorities from the following organizations:


  • Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation; Culture; Social Development; Economy; Education; Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship; Labor, Employment and Social Security; and Transport;
  • Secretariat of the National Presidency;
  • IRAM, as the National Standardization Body;
  • OAA, as the National Accreditation Body;
  • INTI, as the National Metrology Body;
  • Commission of Technical Regulators.


We actively participate in said Council centralizing the study and approval of technical standards as the essential basis of the entire National Quality System. We share this technical management with the OAA (Argentine Accreditation Body), which is in charge of the accreditation of certification and inspection bodies, testing and calibration laboratories, and also with INTI, as the body responsible for metrology and the assurance of traceability to international measurement standards, as well as with the Commission of Technical Regulators, which is made up of agencies, entities and other bodies of the national government with authority to issue technical regulations.



National Quality System

Decrees No. 1474/94 and No. 1066/ 2018

Standardization body

Metrology body

Accreditation body

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