Welding Inspector – IRAM-IAS U 500:169 Standard

This certification scheme has been accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA, Organismo Argentino de Acreditación) since 2006.

IRAM-IAS U 500:169 Standard establishes a system for the qualification and certification of welding inspectors through a certification body.

This standard is applicable to the entire construction and repair area of metallic structures or components in which any welding process is involved.

The standard provides for three qualification levels. The competences are detailed below, according to the level achieved:



The candidate for this type of certification must meet specific pre-requisites of experience and visual aptitude. Then the candidate must pass a theoretical-practical exam at the Authorized Qualification Bodies (AQB) for this scheme.



List of Authorized Qualification Bodies.


For welding inspectors, IAS, “Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia” (Argentine Institute of Iron and Steel Industry) is the only authorized organization:


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