Unión Industrial of Córdoba | Carolina Puig Pujol, Executive Director: “IRAM is a seal that brings trust and soundness in the business world.”

The Unión Industrial de Córdoba (UIC) achieved for the second time the recertification of its quality management system. We interviewed its executive director to share with us, among other things, how the chambers and members have benefited from this implementation.

The Unión Industrial de Córdoba (UIC) is a corporate union organization made up of regional chambers of the main cities of the province of Córdoba, sectorial chambers representing the different manufacturing activities of the industrial sector, and individually associated industries, which seeks to promote the economic and social development of the country, based on innovation, internationalization and sustainability. With this vision, in 2011 it focused on the certification of its quality management system under the IRAM-ISO 9001 standard, becoming at that time the first association of its kind to achieve it. Recently, on the occasion of obtaining the second recertification of said standard, we talked to Carolina Puig Pujol, executive director of UIC, to learn more about the benefits derived from this implementation both within the organization and towards the chambers and members themselves.


-You have recently obtained the recertification to the IRAM-ISO 9001 standard. How would you describe the stages prior to achieving a quality management system? What are the main benefits obtained?

-The UIC made the decision to certify back in 2011, with the conviction that if we asked our associates to raise their competitiveness levels through the certification of standards, we, as an entity, should also be part of that learning process. This is how the idea of advancing in the development of our quality management system developed and, in a 6-month record time, we certified the ISO 9001:2008 standard with IRAM. The main benefit obtained was order and setting work objectives to render the work of our staff and resources more efficient.

-What added value do you think this recertification can bring to the chambers and members? What impact does it have on the improvement of the organization’s image?


-Generally, business chambers have a reduced workforce for the task they carry out. Therefore, the great value is to capitalize on it, establishing the “why” and the “what” of the task, defining goals and indicators. That is why, as I was saying just now, if we, as business union entities, speak up for excellence in the quality of the people we represent, we have to follow that principle as our daily work philosophy.


-How can you contribute to the industry competitiveness in the province of Córdoba?

 The vision of where we want to see our industry in the coming years is established by our Executive Committee, which is the highest decision-making body for carrying out the strategic plan. In order to make it operational, we have to establish indicators, people in charge and timelines, among other variables, thus improving the capabilities and competencies of our industry to solve problems and define strategies to face the great challenges of today’s economic dynamics. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of having a system that allows us to prioritize, plan and evaluate the actions undertaken.


 -The scope of the certificate includes the monitoring of issues to address the needs and problems of the industry in general. What tools have you incorporated to this effect?


In addition to identifying needs, addressing and assessing them, today we have all the necessary procedures to focus on what is urgent and important and also to generate a space for discussion among business leaders committed to conducting a transforming process that promotes the sustainable development of the province.


-Regarding training, events and projects, also included in this recertification, what are the improvements that could be highlighted?


 We would highlight as an improvement the identification of actions to be taken on the basis of the surveyed needs, which can be implemented in terms of training activities on topics of interest to the industry, in refresher courses or to carry out projects that require an in-depth study and analysis of a topic.


-What competitive advantage do you consider that the IRAM label brings to certification?

 IRAM is a registered mark that brings credibility and soundness in the business sphere. We not only work in our certification process, but also in several activities that we address together, providing value to our members in terms of training and relevant information. We would like to thank IRAM Filial Mediterráneo for its collaboration and continuous predisposition with our entity.

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