26 May, 2021

After one year since quarantine: what is our contribution to reduce virus circulation?

In record time, together with a group of experts, we gathered the knowledge of national and foreign official documents and elaborate our own to collaborate with the health care of society. Read on!


After more than one year since the beginning of mandatory isolation in Argentina, our daily and work habits have changed radically. Today, we are still trying to adapt ourselves to this complex and ever-changing reality that permeates all aspects of our lives.

As a society at large, we have learned a lot in terms of health care. Meanwhile, the organizations had to quickly incorporate telework and develop health protocols for a safe return to work.

In this regard, since the beginning of the quarantine, at IRAM we proposed ourselves to actively collaborate to reduce the circulation of the virus. Thus, in record time, together with a group of experts, we gathered the knowledge of national and foreign official documents and developed the Publicly Available Specification, EDP IRAM 3820, a guide for companies and organizations to develop a COVID-19 Protocol which, at the end of last year, was published as IRAM Standard 3820, which is certifiable. So far, more than 100 organizations already have the IRAM Seal of Verified COVID-19 Protocol, thus providing safety to their employees, customers and suppliers.


We also created the EDP IRAM 7790 for the manufacture of communitarian chinstraps or face shields, which in a few months will be published as an IRAM standard and which will gather the experience of its practical application agreed by the different sectors involved, as well as the EDP IRAM 3830 for communitarian face shields. Both establish the safety, usability and performance requirements for each type of product and can also be certified, thus providing users with greater confidence.


Valuable documents within everyone’s reach! We continue to make available all the aforementioned Publicly Available Specifications, together with other standards related to the health field, such as IRAM 3648 on respiratory protection equipment applicable to N95 masks for non-surgical use, through our IRAM Colección platform. We invite you to consult them at:
User and password: desde1935


In addition, among the recently published related standards, we can mention IRAM 80400, aimed at the treatment of air in different areas of health centers, and includes, among other issues, filtering and recirculation of air conditioning equipment, a critical aspect in times of COVID-19. IRAM 80400 arose from the initiative of a group of specialists from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) who submitted a proposal to study the minimum requirements for air quality in health care facilities throughout the country. Thus, throughout last year, our group of experts held successive virtual meetings and in December it was published as a national standard.

At present, we are studying other IRAM standards concerning the requirements to be met by the different air conditioning equipment as well as the specifications for operation and maintenance.

For more information, please contact our Documentation Center:


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