28 August, 2020

Biau: “Certification is a customer-friendly tool.”

The Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior (BICE) chose us once again to recertify its quality management system based on the international IRAM-ISO 9001 standard. We interviewed its Systems and Operations Director, Daniel Biau, who shared the multiple benefits of this certification.

-You have recently recertified the IRAM-ISO 9001 standard. Are customers increasingly demanding and is certification a good tool to demonstrate to them your commitment to quality processes? What were the new learnings and results?


The certification of BICE’s quality management system is a customer-friendly tool that strengthens our commitment to customers. It helps us work on continuous improvement and transparency of processes.

We have learned to put customer satisfaction first, and to be attentive to their needs and expectations, as well as to review all processes periodically to minimize errors and seek greater efficiency in the organization.


-In what aspects do you benefit from the added value provided by our certification through the IQNET international recognition?


As a development bank, we are in permanent contact with international development banks and multilateral credit organizations. Therefore, it is very important that IQNET accompanies the certification. We highly value this worldwide accreditation because it is undoubtedly a seal of quality that gives prestige to the bank’s management.


-We are already working together on future projects. What were the issues you identified before starting the ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) certification processes? How are you viewing the evolution?

-Since 2019, the bank has been working on the implementation of other management systems, supported by the certification of the IRAM-ISO 9001 standard, and with the aim of continuing to incorporate best practices in the bank. With IRAM-ISO 50001 standard, we are dealing with energy management, since it is key in the sustainability area, and with IRAM-ISO 45001 standard we focus on everything related to occupational health and safety, always centered on the workers.

The teams are working towards these objectives in the medium term, training and developing the requirements for their implementation.


-Finally, why do you choose our seal and how do we help you build trust for your customers?

-IRAM is recognized nationally and worldwide. It represents a benchmark in what it does, backed by years of solid expertise. It offers several services of which we are customers, such as the training for our resources, quality audits and the Referential 13 of the Internal Audit Unit. We chose you because you are an entity that builds our trust and, as a public body, is a great endorsement for our certification.


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