26 May, 2021

The world of sports incorporates the IRAM Mark for COVID-19 Verified Protocol

Club Atlético Boca Juniors and Estudiantes de La Plata already have our certifications of their sanitary protocols.  Thus, they offer greater safety and confidence to their audiences. Don’t miss their testimonials! 

At the time of resuming activities in times of pandemic, risk prevention becomes essential. Therefore, for a safe return, two of the major sports entities in our country decided to move forward in the certification of their health protocols. Thus, Club Atlético Boca Juniors (CABJ) obtained the IRAM Mark for COVID-19 Verified Protocol for its Member Service Center and Estudiantes de La Plata (EDLP) for the club’s premises.  

To learn more about the certification process in each case and how it allows them to offer peace of mind and trust, we interviewed Alejandro Cosentino, president of CABJ’s Partners Department, and Juan Pedro Prates, 2nd vice-president of EDLP. ¡Read their testimonials 

“Due to the risks involved in face-to-face customer service activities, but at the same time the need to resume this modality, it was decided to incorporate a COVID-19 Protocol based on the EDP IRAM 3830, since we considered that its application was vital, and the support of a prestigious and independent organization such as IRAM would be the way to make the protocol as safe as possible”.  

“The contribution to the implementation of the sanitary protocol according to EDP 3820 was very great (…) fundamentally (…) the audit process by IRAM, since it allowed the emergence of opportunities for improvement on the protocol and its application which, once implemented, resulted in a considerable improvement in the safety of the tasks to be performed.”  

“The main benefit from certification (…) is the safety and confidence provided to employees and members of the club (…). The club’s management took care of all the details to make the member service process as safe as possible” 

Alejandro Cosentino, Chairman of the Membership Department of Club Atletico Boca Juniors  


Click here for the complete interview. 



“(…) seeking for excellence, we turned to IRAM to obtain the certification for sports entities. The work began with the submission of our protocols, which were already being implemented at that time. After reviewing them, IRAM sent us their observations and recommendations, which we logically implemented in the City Bell facility. Finally, the on-site audit took place at the Country Club, where we verified the operation of the protocol and the incorporation of the recommendations received”. 

“IRAM certification is a very useful tool to add value to the protocols we already had in place.” 

“The experience is totally satisfactory and positive. The protocols are still in force today, since the pandemic is not over. The benefits (…) were to be able to act correctly when positive cases of COVID were detected, avoiding the spread, which was the main concern. Our staff continued with their training at all times and, with the daily follow-up and the results that are clearly visible, we achieved the proposed results. Thanks to the protocols, those who work every day at the Country Club do so in a safe manner and they feel it”, 

Juan Pedro Prates, Estudiantes de La Plata 2nd vice-president.  


Click here for the complete interview. 


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