30 December, 2020

“We are experiencing digital transformation as a structural change”

Our Managing Director, Nicolás Eliçabe, reviewed the outcomes of 2020. What were our challenges and insights in the pandemic context? Just take a look!

Transformación digital

For more than 85 years, our purpose has been to make people’s lives easier, better and safer, while adding value to organizations. Undoubtedly, this objective driving all our activities has become even more relevant in the face of the pandemic. Bringing security to our employees and customers has always been, and remains, our top priority.

To ensure the continuity of operations, while taking care of the health of our entire value chain, we quickly adapted our work dynamics to a remote modality, both internally and externally. We maximized the performance of certification audits under a virtual format and incorporated videoconferencing modalities for our on-site trainings.

We also created an action protocol coordinated by a Crisis Committee that monitors its implementation and action plans permanently.


What did we accomplish in terms of technological transformation?

  • We acquired new digital work tools with staggered training for all our personnel to acquire skills in their use;
  • We migrated our systems and services to the cloud to enhance the level of trust and security which characterizes us;
  • We unified the commercial process through an integrated system to achieve a 360° vision.

The incorporation of technology has been part of our strategic project since 2019, and this was strongly accelerated by the prevailing context, which allowed us to improve profitability and sustainability and achieve outstanding results, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized and reduced costs
  • Agile and dynamic processes.

We have thus experienced the technological transformation not only in terms of processes, but also as a structural change. The new “IRAM Flexible” work scheme that provides our staff with a better quality of life and our customers with a higher added value is here to stay.


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