12 November, 2020

We join forces with IQNet to generate greater value and trust.

IQNet is the leading global network of certification bodies, responsible for approximately 25% of all management system certificates issued, most notably those related to quality. It is made up of 37 certification bodies, of which we are part, thus gathering more than 50,000 experts around the world.


For more than 22 years we have been a member body of this prestigious network and participated in its representation through our delegates, promoting IQNet products in its markets of influence and supporting the collaborative framework with other partners. We also promote the principles of good governance. Our representatives are part of IQNet’s organizational structure, both in management positions within the Board of Directors (we are currently in charge of the board’s management) and through voluntary contributions to numerous committees and technical working groups.


As such, IQNet partners work in an environment based on trust, where local expertise and global recognition are leveraged and have a positive impact on the value contribution to the market:


  • enabling the use and recognition of the IQNet certificate as an effective passport to quality certification worldwide;
  • facilitating the crossing of borders with new and innovative certification products;
  • boosting the reputation of large buyers (global brands and retailers) for supply chain compliance (with applicable regulations and standard requirements) as a baseline for procurement processes;
  • further supporting and promoting the credibility of certified organizations in home and target markets (e.g. when exporting);
  • enhancing the certified customer’s experience by focusing on value-added auditing and reporting.

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