Aluminum Bars and Profiles

The replacement of steel by aluminum in structures requiring high strength and low weight is currently becoming more and more frequent

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In Argentina, according to ResolutionSC No. 158/2018, it is only allowed to market unalloyed aluminum extruded bars and profiles, and their alloys, including those prepared for construction, that comply with the requirements of IRAM 681; 687 and 729 standards (or those that may replace them in the future). 


Manufacturers or importers of aluminum radiators and their components to be used for hot water or steam heating systems can only operate in the Argentine market provided they comply with the requirements established in Resolution SC No. 599-E/2017. 

The IRAM mark identifies and ensures that they comply with the local requirements and technical and safety regulations established by the applicable standards and the authorities of the Secretariat of Commerce. In addition, to guarantee you the best service, our technicians are trained on a continual basis. 

  • Compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements 
  • Access to export markets  
  • Competitive advantages  
  • Improvement of your products and services image 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video