Animal Welfare

Responsibility for animal welfare has become a global priority. Back up your commitment by certifying with IRAM!



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An increasing number of users are looking for products that guarantee not only quality and food safety, but also sustainability and proper management of animal husbandry systems.


Faced with this trend, organizations must adapt their strategy to the new reality.


We offer you the Animal Welfare (AW) management standard certification to prove to your entire value chain that your products have been sourced without any harm or damage to animals.


How does it work? Our experts conduct on-site audits to assess compliance with the AW programs developed by the organizations, based on IRAM-ISO 34700:2018 international standard.


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  • Outsources your organization’s responsibility and meets AW standards
  • Improves public perception
  • Favors the quality and safety of your products
  • Enables you to certify good livestock breeding and dairy production practices, along with certified sustainable livestock farming