Anti-Bribery Management System

Learn about our solution to demonstrate your commitment to integrity, both within your company and along the value chain. 

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According to World Economic Forum estimates, organizations which do not have anti-bribery measures implemented add approximately 10% to the cost of doing business. 

We evaluate the compliance of your anti-bribery management system based on IRAM-ISO 37001 international standard that will allow you to safeguard your reputation, avoid and mitigate costs, risks and associated damages, while promoting operational confidence. 


Our specialists in the standard and sector will bring greater value to your system thanks to their continual training. In addition, as leaders in management system certification, we offer you impartiality, competence, accountability, transparency and confidentiality. 



  • Build competitive advantage 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to integrity 
  • Promote the security of your operations 
  • Comply with anti-bribery laws and voluntary regulations applicable to your activities 



Looking to implement and certify a management system? Let us explain it to you in this video: