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When deciding to buy spare parts, users are faced with a big dilemma: which is the right, the safest and the best quality one? 

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Based on the technical knowledge, skills and expertise of automotive engineers and technicians, we develop standards related to safety auto parts for cars, buses and trucks. 

Resolution SI 166/2019 providefor the mandatory requirement to obtain the Certificate of Homologation of Auto Parts and/or Safety Elements (CHAS) for automobiles, buses and trucks intended for the replacement market. Therefore, manufacturers and importers need to have these products certified in order to sell them in the local market. 

Would you like to offer an additional guarantee to your customers ? The seal IRAM-AITA would bring to your product the aura of quality and dependability 

  • Protection for the consumers 
  • National, regional and international coverage 
  • Broad technical expertise 
  • Reduction in processing times 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video