Bicycles are chosen by a growing number of users, either as a means of transportation or for recreational purposes. 

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The reasons for their choice are plenty: cyclists favor their health, collaborate with the environment and contribute to reduce traffic flow, among many others. However, there is a common factor that cannot be overlooked, which involves the safety that bicycles must offer. 

Joint Resolution SC and SI&S SCT N° 28-E/2017 provides for mandatory certification for the safety of new bicycles for children, adults and bicycles with pedal assistance, in the national territory. 


Our certification will not only allow you to comply with this provision, but will also provide confidence to your users and customers in manufacturing, importing and marketingYou will also achieve a better positioning in the markets by promoting the use of safe products. 

  • Protection for the consumer 
  • National, regional and international coverage 
  • Broad technical expertise 
  • Reduction in processing times 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video: