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Certification of the various components for the conversion of vehicles to CNG is essential to ensure safe driving in the city. 

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Products such as storage cylinders, pressure regulators/reducers, refueling valves, piping and other elements for the conversion of vehicles to CNG require certificationOur service is recognized by ENARGAS and accredited by the Organismo Argentino de Acreditación (OAA), which means that it is based on their demands and safety requirements and that it enables you to comply with ENARGAS Resolutions No. 138/1995 and No. 56/2019. 



Certification of compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion components for automobiles and vehicle service centers that will allow you to operate within the centralized compressed natural gas computer system (Sistema Informático Centralizado de Gas Natural Comprimidoor SICGNC): 

  • Technical suitability of CNG conversion components assembly workshops (TdM or Talleres de Montaje) 
  • Complete equipment manufacturing companies (PEC or Productoras de Equipos Completos 
  • CNG cylinders periodic revision center (CRPC or Centro de Revisión Periódica de Cilindros). 
  • Customized technical support during audits  
  • Compliance with the applicable authorities’ requirements  
  • Access to export markets  
  • Competitive advantages  
  • Improvement of your products and services image   


What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video: