Electrical Safety

About 40% of fires in Argentina are estimated to have an electrical origin (*). 

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A large number of related accidents could be avoided if all products complied with the electrical safety requirements established by the regulations in force. 


SC Resolution No. 169/2018 establishes that in order for national or imported low-voltage electrical products to be marketed, it is mandatory to certify that their use does not present hazards to users, by displaying the S-mark. 

Electrical and electronic devices must successfully complete various tests for electric shock, excessive temperature, radiation, implosion, mechanical hazards and fire, among others, in order to be endorsed by us. As a result, our certification marks provide the necessary safety and confidence to promote proper operation. 



  • Prestige and trust of our mark, valued by consumers 
  • Over 50 years of technical knowledge and expertise in the certification of electrical products 
  • Support from the world’s most prestigious certification bodies (IECEE CB Scheme)  
  • Time and cost savings thanks to our worldwide peers agreements that allow us to recognize existing certifications. 

Mark Certification: Based on the testing of a sample of the product, including the evaluation of the manufacturer's quality system.

Type Certification: Based on the testing of a sample of the product.

Batch Certification: Based on the testing of a representative sample of the batch

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video:

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(*) Source: Asociación para Promoción de la Seguridad Eléctrica (APSE)