Good Agricultural (GAP) and Livestock Practices (GLP)

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The demand for certifications in primary production grows every yeareither from governments, large buyers or consumers themselves who want to know the origin and processing of the food they consume. 


As a result, the requirements to commercialize food in the world have become more stringent, calling for proof of food safety throughout the entire food chain. 

Applying IRAM 14110 standard, GLOBAL G.A.P. scheme or Certified Sustainable Agriculture (Aapresid), we contemplate innocuousness as well as a sustainable vision, making efficient use of resources. 


We also have other solutions for the sector, such as good practices in grain storage, in fertilizer and phytosanitary storage, in agricultural work (IRAM 14130), oriented to the management of agricultural machinery, both for productive establishments as well as for those companies that provide services and Good Practices in Dairy Production. 

  • Increase customer confidence 
  • Access to new markets 
  • Improve safety in the workplace 
  • Ensure product safety