Are you aware that energy from renewable sources represents only 13% of Argentina’s energy matrix? (*)  It is therefore essential to enhance, support and finance projects that generate it?

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We are the only recognized and authorized standardization and certification body in the country!

Environmental issues are increasingly high on the agenda of organizations. That is why we have a solution for you to back up your commitment to the planet: I – REC certification validated by The I-REC Standard Foundation.


You will be able to reduce carbon footprint and its environmental impact, finance part of your organization’s energy generation and increase revenues.  In addition, this certification will determine the ownership of environmental and social attributes in the generation of 1MWh of renewable electric energy.

  • Ensure transparency and traceability in the generation and use of renewable energies
  • Demonstrate your sustained commitment to reducing carbon emissions
  • Promote the use of renewable energy throughout the production chain
  • Declare and prove that the energy consumed comes from renewable sources

(*)Source: Ministerio de Economía Argentina