The key to success in differentiating yourself in competitive and diverse markets is to offer quality and safe products.

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Faced with increasingly demanding consumers, who put brands to the test, organizations need to incorporate tools to improve the quality and safety of their products.

If you are a manufacturer or importer and you are looking to meet your customers’ expectations and be one step ahead of your competition, IRAM Mark will allow you to demonstrate that not only you meet the requirements of the technical standards, but also provide added value. 

If you are a consumer, and at the time of purchase you choose a product supported by us, you will be sure to know that it has been assessed by an independent and prestigious entity giving you confidence and certainty. 

You can find our mark on a wide variety of products such as: dry construction plasterboards, retroreflective material, water pipes, fire extinguisher powder, agricultural machinery, just to mention a few. 

  • Solid track record and expertise in the certification of various products 
  • Regional auditors to optimize logistics 
  • Timing and better final costs 
  • Committed attention and assistance in the procedures 

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