Lifting Equipment and Road Machinery Inspections

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Safety at work is a legal requirement and a commitment that must be complied with by everyone who uses specific equipment and machinery in industrial operations in general. This is the only way to avoid accidents at work. 

Equipment and accessories are inspected in accordance with the requirements of IRAM / ASME / ANSI / ISO applicable standards for their safe operation.


When it comes to minimizing the risk of injury to personnel and the community, our inspection service performed by highly qualified professionals will give you peace of mind and confidence. 


  • A certificate of compliance with the applicable standard 
  • A detailed report with photographic evidence that will serve as a historical record of the equipment’s safety, repairs and maintenance 
  • ID wafer 

  • Compliance with the applicable law 
  • Improvement of company’s image  
  • Maximizing equipment performance and availability 
  • Access to exports