We have been working with our team of experts for more than 15 years to promote the safe use of lighters. 

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Lighters are an everyday part of our lives. We use them when we cook, celebrate birthdays or start our barbecueHowever, they can represent a danger if their quality is below certain required parameters. 

SCT ResolutionNo.77/2004 provides that only those products meeting the requirements of IRAM standards may be marketed or transferred free of charge in the country 

Our certification will not only allow you to meet this requirement, but will also contribute to the technological development of your company, achieving a better positioning in the markets by promoting the use of safe products. 


  • Broad technical expertise in customer service 
  • IRAM mark support for users 
  • National, regional and international coverage  
  • Independent body verification 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video