Medium and High Voltage Operators

Safeguarding the safety of those who handle electrical equipment is a priority.

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Resolution No. 208/98 of the Energy Secretariat is in force in our country and it requires that Dispatch Organizations (OED) and Agents apply the General Technical Procedure No. 15 (PT-15) of the Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico  (CAMMESA) to comply with this requirement. 


CAMMESA’s PT-15 technical procedure provides that organizations that hire medium and high voltage operators must validate their accreditation through a certification body.  


For this purpose, we offer you a documentation audit service to verify that your personnel in charge of facilities that are part of, or linked to, the Sistema Argentino de Interconexión (SADI(Argentine Interconnection Systemcomply with the provisions of said procedure. 

  • Extensive technical experience 
  • Compliance with CAMMESA’s regulations 
  • Improvement of procedural safety 

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