In a market with a wide offer diversity and ever more demanding customers, you need to differentiate yourself by the quality of your products. 

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Whether you are a manufacturer or an importer, our certification will allow you to ensure a high degree of print definition, performance and permanence. 

In addition to complying with ResolutionSC No. 155/2016 , certified paper brings confidence to printers, publishers and offices to use it in any type of document, record or publication. 


Our certification will allow you to prove that your product offers a better finish and, therefore, you will be able to demonstrate superior quality prints, guaranteeing a higher performance and processability of the printing equipment, which will extend its life. 


  • Extensive experience in the segment 
  • Regional auditors to optimize logistics 
  • Timing and better final costs 
  • Committed attention and assistance in the procedures 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video