Personal Skills for Ergonomists

Demonstrate your skills, improving the recognition of your capacity. 

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When organizations need to hire an ergonomist, they look for professionals with our endorsement of their technical competencies. This allows them to meet specific requirements and guarantee the qualification of their personnel. 


The group of experts that make up the joint certification commission between IRAM and the Asociación de Ergonomía Argentina (AdEA) develops and maintains the certification scheme of personal skills for ergonomists according to its own specification and based on the IRAM-ISO/IEC 17024 standard. 


Therefore, our certification will allow you to have the support of leading specialists in the industry, enhancing your professional development and gaining access to the most demanding markets. 

  • Ensure your technical skills   
  • Expand your career projection 
  • Improve your employability 

Looking to obtain certification of personal competencies? Let us explain it to you in this video