Customers usually evaluate the resistance and elasticity capacity of these products to avoid cost overruns due to unnecessary reprocessing. 

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We offer you a solution to demonstrate the quality and safety of your plywood products. 

Because their certification will enable you to comply with the requirements of Resolution SC No. 900-E/2017 when it is intended for the following uses: structural or temporary construction in formwork, temporary enclosures, stands; furniture production; auxiliary products for containers and packaging industry. 

It will also give your products a competitive advantage, as it has proven to improve their performance, offering greater resistance to environmental conditions, which will increase user confidence at the time of purchase. 

  • Support of our mark 
  • Committed attention and assistance in the procedures 
  • Timing and better final costs  
  • Regional auditors to optimize logistics 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video: