Printed Graphic Products

There is a growing awareness of the impact of heavy metals, both in terms of personal health and environmental care. 

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We have been working for many years in the development of certification services that collaborate with the reduction of this type of metals, ranging from printed graphic products to toy safety. 


The certification of printed graphic products will allow you to guarantee to the entire national industry chain and importers that your products have low lead and heavy metal content, thus complying with Resolution SC No. 685/2015 required to be complied with for import purposes thereof. 


In addition, if you import on a regular basis, we have a conformity mark certification service that reduces all the delays inherent to the import process, thus allowing you to freely dispose of the product as soon as it enters the country. 


Also, our network of branches throughout the country shortens the distances between our auditors and your plant or warehouses, facilitating logistics. 



  • Consumer safety   
  • National, regional and international coverage 
  • Extensive technical expertise 
  • Reduction in processing times. 

What are the steps and types for product certification? We will explain them to you in this video: