Road Safety

Traffic accidents continue to grow every day. You may help reduce this problem by encouraging safer behavior.


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According to the latest figures released by the Argentine Road Safety Observatory (ONSV), 5,611 people died and 118,550 were injured in traffic accidents in just one year. 

Here are two valuable tools, whose certification will give your company credibility, security and differentiation in the market: 


  • IRAM-ISO 39001 international standard provides improvements through the implementation of a road safety management system ; 
  • IRAM 3810 standard on good practice for public passenger transport, developed locally by specialists. 


Both standards can be integrated with other systems and processes in your organization.  

  • Reduce traffic accidents involving vehicles and fleets 
  • Improve your brand image  
  • Lower costs through a higher efficiency 
  • Prioritize drivers’ professional value.

Looking to implement and certify a management system? Let us explain it to you in this video: