Compliance Management Systems

Demonstrate commitment to obligations and safeguard your organization’s reputation and credibility

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Do you know that, based on a survey conducted by a renowned international consulting firm(*), four out of ten people admitted that there had been some incident of fraud in their companies?


We have a solution to show your commitment to integrity: the certification of your compliance management system based on the IRAM-ISO 37301 standard.

To prove efficiency and transparency inside and outside your organization, supporting the fulfillment of obligations, and minimizing the risk of deviations.

  • Foster an organizational culture of compliance.
  • Promote compliance behavior at all levels throughout the organization.
  • Achieve consideration by the courts in the event of a breach of law.
  • Build trust among third parties, such as customers and business partners.

Looking to implement and certify a management system? Let us explain it to you in this video

(*) Source: KPMG