Terms and Conditions of Use

The Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification), hereinafter IRAM, was created in 1935. We are a non-profit civil association and as such, financing and funding come from the income of our own resources: membership contributions, sale of standards, courses given and certifications performed. 

The Institute is run and managed by the Governing Board composed of Chambers and Associations, Private Companies and Government Entities, from the different sectors of the Industry, Consumption, Production, and General Interest. 


Who are IRAM’s Members?

The Institutional Full Members and Associate Members, hereinafter referred to as IRAM’s Members, come from all areas of the economy. They are people who work in the most diverse public and private organizations, who assume responsibility towards society while working to improve the country’s competitiveness, and who provide IRAM with the necessary representation and balance of the interests related to the Industrial Sectors, Agricultural Sectors, Services, Commerce, Chambers, Federations, Associations, Governments, Universities and Educational Entities. 


The Members of IRAM commit themselves to carrying our the following actions: 

1) Refrain from any act or deed that would be detrimental to the Institute. 

2) Pay punctually those fees set by the Governing Board in the event that they are required to pay a membership fee, as well as any interest incurred due to late payment, in accordance with the average borrowing rate of the Banco de la Nación Argentina.   

3) Pay in due time and form the fees corresponding to any service requested from the Institute. 

4) Keep the data provided upon admission updated, communicating any changes that may have occurred, especially those that may modify their membership category, as well as others that may be requested as being beneficial to the Institute’s activities.  

5) Ratify or rectify every two (2) years the person appointed as the representative authorized to act before the Institute on behalf of the entity, by means of a note issued by the highest authority of such entity. They must also inform any change regarding the persons and their respective contact data for the reception and processing of the invoices and/or issuance of purchase orders.  

6) The Members shall keep their condition as long as they comply with the requirements to which they committed themselves when they joined the Institute. 

7) In order to resign to the condition of Member it is essential to be up to date with the corresponding quotas/fees and with the invoices of services within the established terms. Membership cancellation must be requested by means of a note. A sample of same may be requested from the Membership area.  


Having read all the contents of the present document, I acknowledge notice hereof, accept the terms specified herein and commit myself to complying with the provisions expressed in this document, as well as with the statute and internal regulations of IRAM Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación