Makro | Jesús R. Totesantt Páez, Director of Customer Development: “We chose IRAM because of its expertise, reliability and professionalism.”

In keeping with its vision of positioning itself as the best supplier for professional food customers, Makro has certified its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. We interviewed Jesús R. Totesantt Páez, the company’s Director of Customer Development, to learn how this certification allows them to offer safe marketing that directly impacts the end consumer.


-You have recently achieved certification of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. How would you describe the prior stage before achieving it?


It has been hard work and a lot of discipline to achieve the quality standards that allow us to further consolidate the trust from our customers. Having the certificate is gratifying because it translates the recognition of the adjustments and adaptations made to our operation and equipment in order to comply with each and every one of the requirements that describe it. The training of our work teams and the interest shown throughout the process is a true reflection of the responsibility that our people have towards customer service, which makes them leaders in the process and in standardization, allowing them the opportunity to become referents and active collaborators for the adaptation of the rest of the stores.


-After this process, what are the main benefits of this certification? What impact do you consider it has on the organization’s image?


The main benefit is the standardization and continual improvement of our processes, permanently challenging us to maintain it, also considering the needs for changes and/or adaptations on the part of our customers, who are the reason for our business.

The first impact for us is associated with the responsibility we have as a company towards our customers, being able to offer products and processes that are covered by the certification requirements, guaranteeing the safe commercialization of the meat cuts we offer.


-What food safety processes have enhanced your overall results?


Considering that we are a marketing company, for the purposes of the scope of certification, we deal with food safety processes such as: cold chain control, packaging integrity, calibration of instruments related to critical points, application of good practices, cleaning and disinfection methodology.


-Did you have to incorporate training for the personnel? What did it consist of?


Yes, we did. The guarantee to maintain the standard required by the certification comes from those who carry it out. In this sense, we developed new trainings that address the specific subject of this system and the prerequisite programs, aiming to raise awareness in our collaborators regarding the importance of safe food handling. All these trainings will be part of the e-learning modules developed by the company in order to guarantee knowledge in all stores, patterns and standards in the processes and, most importantly, to be able to provide our customers with the necessary information with the security that only previous knowledge provides.


-Why did you choose IRAM’s services? What added value do you consider IRAM seal provides?


Because of its experience, reliability and professionalism that assure us, under strict models, the fulfillment of all the requirements contained in order to obtain the certification. As a result, we achieve a guarantee in the execution and productivity in the time committed for the qualification in the different audits.

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