25 August, 2020

We developed our Integrity Program

We have developed our Integrity Program in accordance with the requirements of the new law on corporate criminal liability, Law 27,401 and its regulatory Decree 277/18, as well as the other relevant rules of the anti-corruption legal framework or those related to corporate liability.

Backed by our 85-year history, the Integrity Program is made up of a series of documents in line with our values, i.e. with our guiding principles that govern all our actions and conduct: Integrity, Excellence, Commitment and Independence.


Among other materials, there is the Code of Conduct, whose purpose is to outline these values to our employees, as well as the responsibilities and ethical commitments that should guide their actions in the performance of their work. Especially, in their relationship with customers, suppliers, governmental entities, society in general, the environment and towards themselves.  It is worth mentioning that these documents were approved by our Board of Directors.


The Code of Conduct and the other written materials that make up the program must be followed by those who are part of said board, the managing director, directors, professionals and administrative personnel of IRAM, regardless of their hierarchy or their relationship with the institute. Likewise, it must be applied by the members of the different technical committees and hired personnel, by anyone who participates in any of the activities we may develop, and by those who act on our behalf or in our interest.


We have created an Integrity Committee exclusively focused on carrying out the actions necessary to ensure the proper implementation of our program, as well as its continuous monitoring and improvement.


Please, find below our reporting channel:

  • Telephone: (011) 7078-0542
  • E-mail:
  • In person or by postal service: Perú N° 552 – C.A.B.A.

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