Non-Destructive Testing Operators – IRAM-NM-ISO 9712 Standard

This certification scheme has been accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA, Organismo Argentino de Acreditación) since 2006.

In general terms, IRAM-NM-ISO 9712 Standard specifies three levels of certification, the scope of which is summarized below:


A person certified to Level 1 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT in accordance with written instructions and under the supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 operator. Within the scope of competence defined in the certificate, the Level 1 operator may be authorized by the employer to perform the following tasks, in accordance with NDT instructions:

  1. a) ajustar el equipamiento de END;
  2. b)  perform the tests;
  3. c) record and classify test results in accordance with written procedures;
  4. d) report the results.

Level 1 certified personnel are not responsible for the selection of the method or technique to be used, nor for the interpretation of the test results.

A person certified to Level 2 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT in accordance with established procedures. Within the scope of competence defined in the certificate, the Level 2 operator may be authorized by the employer to:

  1. a) select the NDT technique for the test method to be used;
  2. b) define the limitations of application of the test method;
  3. c) translate NDT codes, standards, specifications and procedures into NDT instructions adapted to the actual working conditions;
  4. d) prepare and verify the equipment settings;
  5. e) perform and supervise tests;
  6. f) interpret and assess results in accordance with applicable standards, codes, specifications or procedures;
  7. g) perform and supervise all Level 2 or lower tasks;
  8. h) provide guidance to Level 2 or lower operators,
  9. i) report NDT results.

A Level 3 certified person has demonstrated competence to perform and conduct the NDT operations for which he/she is certified. Level 3 operators have demonstrated:

  1. a) competence to evaluate and interpret results in accordance with existing standards, codes and specifications;
  2. b) sufficient working knowledge of applicable materials, and manufacturing, process and product technology to select NDT methods, establish NDT techniques and assist in establishing acceptance criteria where no others are available,
  3. c) a general knowledge of other NDT methods.

Within the scope of competence defined in the certificate, a Level 3 operator may be authorized to:

  1. a) assume full responsibility for a test facility or examination center and its personnel;
  2. b) establish, evaluate editorial and technical accuracy, and validate instructions and procedures of NDT;
  3. c) interpret standards, codes, specifications and procedures;
  4. d) indicate the specific NDT test methods, procedures and instructions to be used;
  5. e) perform and supervise all tasks of all Levels;
  6. f) provide guidance to NDT operators of all Levels.

The IRAM Non-Destructive Testing Operator Certification is then defined by the NDT level, method and scope of application. These three variables constitute the scope of the certification.


The candidate for this type of certification must meet specific pre-requisites of training, experience and visual aptitude. Then the candidate must pass a theoretical-practical exam at the Authorized Qualification Bodies (AQB).


IRAM has approved the training courses designed under the IAEA-TECDOC 628 standard; ANSI/ASNT CP-105 standard for the case of Scattered Flow; and for Ultrasound – Phased Array, download here the characteristics of the course, in compliance with the training requirement for certification.

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