Request the study of a standard

  1. The applicant represents to be acting under a valid mandate from the organization he/she claims to represent. IRAM may request any additional documents necessary to prove such mandate and representation..
  2. The applicant further states that all the information provided is truthful, submitted in good faith and that all attached documentation is owned by the represented organization, or is otherwise of a public nature and is not protected by intellectual property rights.

All information provided, as well as the attached documentation, may be used by IRAM and shared with any other organizations interested in the study and participating in the development of the requested standard.

  1. IRAM will handle the request following its procedures and its Regulations for the Study of Standards and Operation of its Technical Bodies. IRAM does not guarantee that the requested study will result in a published standard, since this will depend on its feasibility, the number of interested organizations, their commitment and the resources they contribute to the development of the standard, as well as the necessary consensus reached during the study process.
  2. All contents developed by IRAM based on this application shall be the exclusive property of IRAM. The applicant and the organization he/she represents waive any and all claims to all or any part of such property, as well as any copyright or co-authorship rights.