Consumers all over the world are increasingly choosing vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

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We offer you a solution to prove that your products are suitable for vegetarian or vegan consumption. Learn more about the IRAM-V Mark.

Products that are displayed as vegan or vegetarian do not often offer reliable evidence of their labelling and this may lead to incorrect information and consumer deception.


In order to provide transparency to your customers, we developed the IRAM-V Mark Protocol, based on the international ISO 23662 standard that establishes definitions and technical criteria for vegan and vegetarian food and related ingredients.

  • Provides reliability to your entire value chain
  • Offers the endorsement and prestige of our brand
  • Can be applied to a wide range of products (food, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, laundry and many more), facilitating labeling
  • It is the only identification based on IRAM protocol based on the international ISO 23662 standard.

Learn about the importance of the seal and the products, which you can find in this video