Service quality is one of the mainstays of the sector favoring its continuous growth. We know how to help you boost your customer satisfaction.

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Tourism plays a key role as a strategic sector for the generation of quality employment and the improvement of competitiveness, and is one of the “engines of development” for a new Argentina, making up the 4th largest export complex in the country.


Our proven expertise in the certification field allows us to provide you with assessment services to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. As sector-specific standards, we developed, along with the Secretariat of Tourism, the IRAM-SECTUR, which includes everything related to service provision, quality management, environment and safety. By certifying such documents you will then be able to prove your commitment to these issues which are so relevant to the various interested parties.


In addition, we can certify your environmental, occupational health, food safety and quality management systems, among others. We also have the solutions to provide confidence about your products, favoring the safety of all the people involved in the services and which you may demand from your suppliers.