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The flow of people and products is central to every economy. We provide solutions to address the needs of this sector.

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Our proven expertise in the certification arena allows us to offer you different assessment services that can help you demonstrate compliance with the requirements that apply to both products and the processes associated with them.


We have the necessary expertise to make your organization grow through the certification of management systems for road safety (IRAM-ISO 39001 / IRAM 3810), quality, environmental, occupational health, and energy, to mention just a few.


In addition, through our services of inspection of lifting equipment and personal skills, you will be able to comply with the requirements of the Law on Health and Occupational Safety, as well as demonstrate the technical aptitude of your own or external personnel who perform non-destructive testing or inspection of welds, among others.


We also offer services in mandatory certification schemes for auto parts intended for the replacement market (Resolution SI No. 166/2019) or certification of CNG equipment and their respective assembly shops.