At IRAM we work for the standards which protect you everyday. All products or services certified by our specialists are a quality assurance.

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Through decision and purchasing power, consumers and users of products and services enable the flow of the economy. At the same time, thanks to the fact that they are increasingly informed about their consumption, these demands have an impact on organizations that seek to improve the quality and safety of their products.


When establishing regulations on these aspects, the involvement of users in the development of standards is crucial. Therefore, we actively promote and participate in the Consumer Policies Committee (Comité de Políticas del Consumidor or COPOLCO), which we currently chair.


Thus, for the standards to be effective it is necessary, in the first place, that the views of the various interested parties are considered, and then, that they are applied by the organizations. We also collaborate in this path of customer satisfaction from the certification field, evaluating the quality and safety of products and services offered.